Honda Goldwing trike test

test of a Honda Goldwing 1800 with Champion trike conversion

2 comments to Honda Goldwing trike test

  • pcfix33

    I’m with you. I like my wing on 2 wheels, but I might consider something like this when I can no longer hold the bike up due to my age or bad legs or whatever happens. I’m hoping that’s not for another 50-60 years though which would put me at around´╗┐ 80-90 years old. ­čÖé

  • lazerpod66

    Honestly, trike of whatever make are the ugliest thing to hit the road…cmon, from the front, looks like a wheelchair for obese, and from the back, makes me think of a zamboni. When I take a ride on my bike, and a triker waves at me, I don’t even lift my little finger…. Ugliest, any trike, and Can Am spyders come´╗┐ a close second….

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